Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot
The Secrets of the rising Soul


Oracle Verse:

It's ready. All grows and happens by it's native order.
Now you see the life in it's clear light and you discover - your really self.


"19 - The Sun"

Keywords: light, life, warmness, paradise, well feelings

Astrology: Sun

Story: "The Sun" shows that in the dernier stations you didn't lost your way and now you are in your personal paradise. That must not mean that you will be nonstopp happy from now on, but you've found your personal place for your life, your goal where problems and fears are past. If this card appears in a reading it says you that all is well.
But there's also a warning: Don't look to long directly into the sun, because you may become blind. If this card appears in a reading you shouln't believe all what others say.

(Sorry if my translation isn't really perfect, you're invited to correct my words)

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