Medevial's Traumzeit-Tarot
The Secrets of the rising Soul


Oracle Verse:

You feel the new power in yourself mature and awaken and you know:
If you're carefully now, if you bound your will and your skills in harmony,
if you grant the neccessary time for the evolution,
- so doors will open which grant a great future in a fertile land and ground.
Be carefully with this awaken might!


"03 - The Empress"

Keywords: mother, take care for ..., emotions, feelings


Story: "The Empress" is the great mother. She takes care and grants for our future being with her whole mind and body. While "The Magician" and "The Highpriestress" are individuals which are focussed at their own belongings, "The Empress" is focussed at the belongings of the evolution in the majority, or in the further existance of the family in the minority. To understand the meaning of this card you only have to think about how a typical mother will handle and fight for her children, if they are still born or not. In this mind she has taken off all egoism and her whole being is reserved for the great plan of life. She's a leading person, but she rules with feelings and senses. In all belongings the card "The Empress" tells that something new is coming up, but you have to take care for it to grant a well atmosphere for the maximum of evolution.

(Sorry if my translation isn't really perfect, you're invited to correct my words)


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